Reasonable NoClone

Reasonable NoClone 6.1

Duplicate File Finder - Find duplicate files, folders and similar images

Reasonable NoClone 2007 4.1.35 is a program to find and remove duplicate files.
You can also use NoClone to find and remove duplicate email messages in Outlook.

On startup, you can define if you want to look for duplicate files or messages. Then, you will be able to select the built -in search template you want to use (same-name, duplicate content, MP3...). Or you can define your own search template.

Then, you must set the folder where you want to look, and tell the program if you will like to look in subfolders too.

At last, you´ll have to define the name of the files you would like to search, using wildcards or not.

You can start the scan pressing the "Search" button.

NoClone will then show you a list with the info about every duplicate found. You can then mark the files you´ll like to erase, righ-click your mouse over them and choose the "Clear" command. If you want, you can open the folder where the file is located to make a decision.

You can also export the results to a file.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice program to perform maintenance in your drives, removing unnecessary dupes


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